Who we are and what we do

The BCCC is a successful social enterprise launched in 2005 which mixes environmental aims with a business rationality. We arecommitted to offering an affordable, local centredsolution for 'green' waste recycling. 

Over the last five years we have recycled thousands of tons of garden waste into popular quality products (please see our products for sale page) which arethen sold to local residents,gardeners and landscapers.

The BCCC has a very low environmental impact, using small scaleefficient machinery combined with the considerable 'carbon capture'gains in the composting process.

Some of the benefits of using our services;

Low operational miles
Local recycling
Locally made quality products
Local employment and training

Composting green waste saves as much CO2 as energy recovery

'Recyclinggreen waste as compost could match the environmental benefits ofconverting it in to renewable energy, in terms of CO2 savings,according to new German research'. 

14.04.2010  Waste Management Magazine