Our garden waste / old soil collection & clearance services

We offer the best and most affordable garden waste & garden clearance sevices in town!

  • For big, bulky amounts: We can pick-up your garden waste in our van. Just tell us where it is and we will come round and give you a free quote. If your happy with the price, we will take it away there & then and have a sweep & tidy up too.
  • For smaller amounts, or to keep costs down to a minimum: 
  • Simply fill-up your own x10 plastic bags or garden sacks and we will pick them all up for £29.95+vat!  
  • Or, you can put your garden waste in tough bags that we will supply to you. Simply fill them up at your leisure - give us a ring when your done and we will come round and collect them. Different options on bags as listed below.
  • Garden clearance:  If you have a bit of a jungle that you need cutting back, so you can see where to start - and you want the waste taking away - all for one low price. Why pay expensive rates when we will have the lot carefully cut back and taken away for recycling in no time at all. Free quotes too! 
Please find more details on any of our garden waste collection services or our waste clearance service explained below:

The 'Bulky' garden-waste clearance:

For those big amounts and spring clean-ups.
Get the best price in town for our large open high-side van, which holds a big load of garden waste (see picture below for an idea of how much).

Please note: The price will be less or more depending on the difficulty removing the garden waste - how near we can get the van etc. If you are unsure we offer free quotes. Please ring 01273 620489.

The 'Giant Sack' Collection Service:

For those who prefer to fill-up bags themselves and reduce costs.
These sacks are super strong 'builders bags' which can hold about a cubic metre or half a ton in weight. We will deliver these bags to your door and collect them again when they are full all in the fixed price:

£39.50+vat for the first bulk bag
Only £29.50+vat for each bag thereafter

Please note these bags must be left where they can be accessed by our van and crane. We cannot 

Please see pictures below for an idea of size:

The big bag on the left is a bulk bag. It will hold about a cubic meter or half a ton maximum. The bags must be left near the point of collection i.e a driveway or in a front garden. Please ring us if your not sure. 


The 'Green Sack' Collection Service

An affordable collection service for the busy gardener. We will deliver flatpacked x10 super-strong woven green bags with handles to your door and collect them again when you have filled them for only £39.50 +vat
(Minimum order x10 bags or minimum charge of £39.50 if fewer bags required).


* Please ensure garden waste only goes in the sacks, as we will not remove them if they contain rubble, metals, plastics or other non-plant based materials.  We reserve the right to refuse contaminated bags at our discretion. No refunds will be made if contaminated.

If you would like to place an order for any of the above services please email us with your details and which service you want or call us on: 01273 620489